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Replacement Eyewear

What do I do if I lost/broke my eyewear?

We understand life happens and that may mean your glasses get broken, scratched, or damaged in some way. To ensure you continue to see clearly and confidently, please call your local Dr. Tavel office directly to request replacement eyewear. 


If you have additional questions about your eyewear, please see the Q&A below. 

We would love to help you select a new, stylish pair of glasses. Stop into your local Dr. Tavel and our frame stylists will be happy to help you find your perfect pair of eyewear.

If you are in need of an exam, we’ll work with you to get you in for an appointment ASAP. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience by clicking here.

We are happy to accept valid prescriptions from other providers.  If you have an expired prescription from another doctor, please contact our success center at 844-GO-TAVEL for additional input. You can schedule an appointment at your convenience by clicking here.

Our staff will reach out to you to confirm any out of pocket costs for your replacement eyewear. We will be sure to verify whether you have a warranty, insurance, or other benefits available.

In the event that your original frame choice is no longer available, you may take advantage of our Clear Choice pricing, which includes a complete pair of glasses for $99.98. With this offer, you can choose any of our Vision Values® frames, and your lenses will be upgraded to the thinner, lighter, polycarbonate material, and we add on our standard Clarifier™ non-glare coating. Qualifying lens types include single vision, flat-top bifocals, or trifocals. If you choose to add additional upgrades to your glasses, additional fees will apply.  All new orders require custom measurements, which must be done in person by an Optician. If you would like to take advantage of this replacement offer, you must be able to visit your local Dr. Tavel during business hours.

The 20/20 Warranty allows you to replace your frame for only 20% of the retail cost of the frame.  If you also need to replace your lenses, there is a $20 copay for your lenses, which will include all the same lens options that you originally purchased.  The 20/20 Warranty can be used up to 3 times for your frame, and up to 3 times for your lenses.  Our success center will be happy to confirm your out-of-pocket costs over the phone, or you can step into your local Dr. Tavel office and our staff will be happy to assist you with your warranty replacement.

  • If it’s a broken frame, but your lenses are still good. You do not need to send us your broken parts. However, you will need to visit a Dr. Tavel office to have your lenses reinserted into a new frame.
  • If your lenses are damaged, but your frame is fine, then you will need to visit a Dr. Tavel office to have your replacement lenses inserted into your existing frame.
  • If you are redeeming a 20/20 warranty, we require that you return your damaged eyewear – no matter the current condition – in order to use your warranty benefit.

Patients who have active benefits through Medicaid or the Healthy Indiana Plan may have a replacement benefit available.  Most other insurance plans do not cover replacement eyewear but may have second pair benefits or discounts towards second pairs available. If you would like more information about your specific insurance plan, please reach out to our success center by calling 1-844-GO-TAVEL. You can also stop into your local Dr. Tavel office and we will be happy to assist you with getting a replacement pair of glasses at an affordable price.

Based on your individual prescription, as well as your prior frame selection, we will provide you with a customized timeline for your replacement. Most replacement requests take approximately 14 days to complete.