Our Story

What started with a single location and one optometrist in Indianapolis has grown into the largest vision care provider in Indiana. Today, we operate locations across Indiana and offer a wide range of services to help patients not only correct vision, but protect vision.

Dr. David Tavel began his optical career in 1940. After serving his country as a captain in the Air Force during WWII, he opened his first office in the Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis. His philosophy of providing a complete and thorough eye examination, as well as fashionable eyewear at convenient locations and competitive prices, proved to be very successful.

Dr. Tavel first provided One Hour Service in 1946. In the years since then, it’s become the standard in the optical industry. There are currently 19 conveniently located, competitively priced Dr. Tavel Optical stores, each of which is staffed by a Doctor of Optometry to examine eyes, detect and treat disease, and prescribe glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Tavel fabricates the prescribed eyewear locally and has an inventory from which to fit any required contact lenses. Each location has a fully equipped doctor’s room for eye examinations and treatment.

Dr. Tavel’s original concept has proven to be long-lived. More than 70 years later, we still provide convenient service, focus on eye exams that help patients maintain quality vision, and can uncover diseases that could compromise a patient’s long-term health.

Not only do Dr. Tavel Optometrists test for glaucoma, cataracts, muscle balance, visual acuity and depth perception, but they also can uncover diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and multiple sclerosis, and identify vision-related learning disabilities in children. Annual eye exams are important to a patient’s overall health maintenance – and Dr. Tavel optometrists are trained to deliver thorough eye exams.

Most offices provide evening and weekend hours, while mall locations, open late every evening, offer eye examinations seven days a week.


Dr. Tavel provides Indiana families with an extensive array of high quality, yet affordable eye care products and services. Dr. Tavel has been family owned and operated from the heart of Indianapolis since 1940. The commitment to quality is evident in the staff Dr. Tavel employs and in their passionate desire to consistently deliver outstanding levels of customer service and long-term customer satisfaction… AND THAT’S A PROMISE FROM THE DOCTOR®