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Eyecare Services

Dr. Tavel is a family-owned eyecare business operating 24 locations across Indiana. At Dr. Tavel, our team of passionate and experienced optometrists provides Hoosier families with top quality, affordable, eye health services…And that’s a promise from the Doctor.® Our mission to help Hoosiers see better, look better, and feel better began over 80 years ago. Our tradition of providing spectacular eyecare for the whole family has continued with knowledgeable eye doctors delivering superior service.

Services We Offer

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Your doctor will examine the health and function of your eyes, test for common eye diseases, and assess your visual acuity. If you wear glasses with corrective lenses, your prescription will be checked as well.

Contact Lens Exam

Your eye doctor will perform all the elements of a comprehensive eye exam, but will also fit you for contact lenses. This involves assessing how the contact lens sits on the eye for a healthy and comfortable fit. The doctor will also give you a contact lens prescription.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetics are encouraged to get eye exams every year to monitor for signs of retinopathy in the back of the eye that can lead to permanent vision loss. If you do not have vision insurance, your medical insurance will cover a health check for diabetes.

Disease Management

Some diseases, like diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma, require more frequent follow-up care. These visits focus solely on disease management. These visits are typically billed to your medical insurance instead of vision insurance.

Telemedicine Exam

A telemedicine eye exam includes everything in a comprehensive eye exam but with a highly trained technician while the eye doctor interacts with you virtually on a video call. The technician sends images and videos of the front and back of the eye to the doctor. Refraction is reviewed by the eye doctor who can control the phoropter (instrument to determine your prescription) from their computer.

Eye Emergencies

Your symptoms will be triaged on the phone to determine if they warrant a same-day appointment. Emergencies include eye pain, foreign body in the eye, sudden loss of vision, conjunctivitis (pink eye) symptoms, and flashes of light in vision, etc.

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