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Need a last minute costume idea? Use Geek Eyewear to re-create the minions from Despicable Me 2. Pull a few of these items  from your closet for a quick  DIY costume.

Find a bright yellow shirt to wear underneath a pair of jean overalls. If you can’t find either of these two pieces in your closet, try your local Goodwill. A few bucks should be able to buy you these minion essentials.

Next, find a pair of black shoes that will keep your feet warm for the night.

To complete the costume, find a pair of geek inspired glasses to bring out your inner minion. If you already have a pair of Geek Eyewear, this is a perfect time to incorporate them into your costume. Love the geek look? Visit one of Dr. Tavel’s 19 convenient locations and discover geek looks for the whole year.

Once you have these four pieces, you have completed a quick and easy minion costume! Happy trick-or-treating!



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