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The Future of Transition Lenses: Transitions Gen S

POSTED ON April 9, 2024


Dr. Tavel is diving into the latest advancements that are transforming the way you see the world! We’ve all come to appreciate the convenience and functionality of Transitions® Signature Gen 8™ lenses. Their ability to provide your eyes with a better vision experience, better style and better protection. However, it is time to take your eyewear experience to the next level. Introducing the new and improved Transitions® GEN S™, the new lens standard in lens technology.

When Will Transitions® GEN S™ Lenses Launch?

According to Transitions, Gen S is set to launch on April 9th , 2024. However, for those interested in getting these cutting-edge lenses through Dr. Tavel can anticipate their availability sometime in April. Stay updated by joining our mailing list for the latest news!

Will Transitions® GEN S™ Be Faster and Darker Than Gen 8?

Transitions Signature Gen 8 are known for their efficient transition times and adaptation to varying light conditions. However, the new Transitions lenses represent a significant leap forward. The fade back of Gen S takes less than two minutes, up to two times faster fade back than the previous Gen 8. The Gen S takes only 25 seconds to achieve sunglass level darkness, making it the fastest and darkest photochromic lenses available.

New ruby transitions Gen S color in gold frame

Will there be any new colors available in Transitions® GEN S™ lenses?

Gen S opens up a world of style possibilities, allowing you to express yourself through endless pairing options. Gen S has a spectacular color palette with 8 vibrant colors available: Sapphire, Amethyst, Emerald, Amber, Gray, Brown, Graphite Green, and the newest addition the Ruby color. These lenses maintain true to tone vibrancy in any lighting condition, ensuring a consistent stunning look.

Make the GENiuS Transition

Ready to experience the GENiuS of Transitions® GEN S™? Schedule your eye exam today and discover the next level in eyewear technology!

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