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For those who wear glasses, finding proper sun protection can be a pain. You’re either squinting through sunglasses because they aren’t prescription, or wearing your sunglasses over your normal glasses. Both aren’t ideal. Transitions lenses – photochromic lenses that darken when exposed to daylight and lighten when indoors are a must have. There is no need to carry around two sets of glasses when one pair of Transitions will do the work of both!  Transitions lenses aren’t just for Mom & Dad anymore, with a wide variety of frames and lens options, you can find your style and comfort you will want to wear every day! Here are 5 reasons why we here at Dr. Tavel love Transitions:

Two Glasses in One

Transitions are like getting two pairs of glasses in one. You don’t have to keep track of an extra pair of sunglasses, one pair will do because they are one and the same.  If you can’t afford to have a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, Transitions reduce the need for an extra pair but give you all the flexibility of having two pairs. Conveniently move from dim lighting to bright sunlight with ease on your eyes and your wallet. Talk about a perfect combination of value and life-changing technology.

Transitions Vantage

The Technology is Better Than Ever

Today’s transition lenses adapt to your settings in a matter of seconds, so you can go from outside to inside without that weird lagging adjustment time. Enjoy every moment of without worry. We offer 3 different lenses, all equipped with the most responsive light and temperature technology to date.

Want everyday lenses that can adapt to every situation, Transitions Signature may be the best option. Need something that works in all situations and can become truly dark like traditional sunglasses? Transitions XTRActive offers extra protection, even in the car. If you need the added protection from glare, Transitions Vantage offers polarization to keep your view vibrant all day long.

Transitions For Every Style

Available in a variety of tints and functionality, you never have to sacrifice style for function. The lenses are thinner and can be customized to most frames. No longer are you limited to a handful of styles and choices.  You can pick the lens, tint, and frame that works best for your lifestyle. With our variety of designer frames, you can find a brand that works with your style.

100% Protection, 100% of the time

Your eye health is often overlooked, and it’s important to consider how the sun can affect your vision. These lenses block 100% of UVA & UVB light indoors and outdoors. They will adjust to the correct tint and darkness every single time. You’ll never forget your sun protection again because it will already be there.

Transitions XTRActive

Limits Blue Light Exposure

Along with powerful sun protection, Transition lenses help reduce eye strain from blue light as well! Overexposure to blue light emitted by computer displays, smartphones, and other tablets has been linked to harmful effects on eye health and sleep cycles.

Make the Transition

Simplify your glasses experience; one pair to wear, one pair to keep track of! Don’t sacrifice your vision clarity with non-prescription glasses again. When it comes to glasses or sunglasses, we can fit your face with the best pair of frames that are comfortable, effective, and that helps you look your best. Schedule an exam or talk to one of our experts about your options today!




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