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Eye twitching is fairly common. These annoying, random twitches come and go, but what causes these tiny eye spasms? Medically named eyelid myokymia, most eyelid twitches are harmless. However, if an eye twitch shows no signs of relenting, it should be checked out and treated by an eye doctor.

woman suffers from eye twitching. eyes closed holding glasses in front of computer screen

What Causes Eye Twitching?

Some common triggers of eye twitching:

  • eye strain
  • caffeine
  • dry eyes
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • alcohol
  • eye irritation
  • fatigue
  • allergies

above view of laptop, coffee, glasses and notebook. causes of eye strain and eye twitching

Feeling stressed or tired? You can reduce the risk of eye twitching with minor changes to diet and lifestyle. Regular exercise, more downtime, a consistent sleep schedule, and spending time with friends and family can reduce stress and fatigue and lower the likeliness of an eye twitch.

Eyes feeling dry or fatigued? Eye fatigue can be caused by many factors, one being digital eye strain. Taking frequent breaks from your cellphones, tablets and computer screens can help reduce the risk of digital eye strain. Follow the “20-20-20 rule” when working on digital devices for an extended period of time. Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen at an object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

Dry eyes symptoms are fairly common and can be caused by people who wear contact lenses, use digital devices, take certain medications, or consume caffeine or alcohol. Following proper contact lens hygiene, cutting back on caffeine or alcohol, and talking to your doctor about your medications may help reduce eyelid twitching.

Think your eye twitch may be an indicator of something more serious? 

It’s rare, but an eye twitch can be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Usually, the eye twitch is paired with other symptoms. An eye doctor can provide insight and help diagnose the cause of your eyelid twitch.

Schedule an Eye Exam

Make regular eye exams part of your health routine. Comprehensive eye exams are critical for catching many eye conditions early and maintaining your overall eye health.



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