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Do your eyes feel irritated and dry after a long workday looking at a digital screen? Computer glasses or blue light blocking glasses are specifically designed to filter out extra blue light that can be harmful to your eyes and overall health, no glasses prescription is required. Not sure how blue light glasses work or even what blue light is? Let us help explain. 

What is Blue Light?

All visible light we see contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow. The light within the blue-turquoise range (between 465-495 nm) is important to our vision and our overall health and helps us stay alert. Not all blue light is bad. Blue light occurs naturally in sunlight and is an important part of our natural sleep-wake cycle. Issues arise when our eyes are overexposed to blue light. Digital screens, LED lights, and CFL (fluorescent) lighting produce high levels of blue light, which can interrupt our circadian rhythm. Artificial blue light emitted from digital screens is significantly weaker than the sun’s blue light. But with screen time usage on the rise, the rate of blue light exposure starts to add up and so does the risk of eye strain.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

Blue-light blocking glasses have special lenses that block a certain amount of blue light from getting through to your eyes. They are meant to be worn while working in front of a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone. Don’t have a vision prescription? No worries, Dr. Tavel carries a selection of blue light lenses that work with and without a prescription. Let us walk through all the lens options to find the right blue light solution for you.

Kodak Total Blue®

KODAK Total Blue® lenses work to alleviate your exposure to HEV blight light while allowing beneficial low energy blue light to maintain optimal color vision. They also offer 100% protection from harmful UV rays, so you’re eyes are always protected.

Techshield AB Blue AR

For our VSP patients, TechShield Blue AB is an anti-reflective coating that combats digital eye strain. This coating targets blue light wavelengths associated with digital eye strain (400-430nm), reducing exposure by as much as 85% at its peak. Other benefits include scratch and smudge resistance, along with anti-glare protection.

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions light intelligent lenses help protect against harmful blue light both indoors and out, with style to spare. Indoors, Transitions® lenses filter between 1.4-2x more harmful blue light than a basic clear lens. Outdoors, they reduce exposure to the sun’s harsh glare and filter more than 6-8x more harmful blue light than clear lenses. Transitions® lenses help protect your eyes – anywhere you go.

Biofinity Energys®  

Biofinity Energys® contact lenses are the first contacts designed for digital life and everyday living. Meant for all-day wear, Biofinity Energys® lenses help people’s eyes better adapt so they can seamlessly and continuously shift focus between digital devices and offline activities.

Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Blue light glasses can be a great tool to protect your eyes against harmful blue light, but you shouldn’t solely rely on them in preventing eye strain. The easiest way to reduce digital eye strain is by limiting your screen time, taking frequent breaks, and setting up your workspace to work for your eyes, not against them.

The most common symptoms associated with digital eye strain are:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Say goodbye to dry, tired eyes.

Digital Eye Strain shouldn’t be the new normal. Let Dr. Tavel help find the custom blue light solution that works best for you! Schedule online today.


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