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June is Firework Eye Safety Month

The Fourth of July is one of our favorite times of the year! With cookouts, pool parties and picnics, Independence Day is a great day to spend with family and friends. The month surrounding July 4th festivities also brings an increase of fireworks displays and with that a spike in firework related injuries.

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We love to celebrate here at Dr. Tavel, but it’s important to consider eye protection when dealing with anything combustible. Most fireworks related injuries occur during the month of July, and the most recent Consumer Product Safety Commission report found that 14% of fireworks injuries were eye injuries. Out of those injuries, children between the ages of 10-14 had the highest rate of emergency room visits related to fireworks. Keep yourself and your eyes safe this summer and enjoy treasured holiday traditions with these important safety tips!


7 Fireworks Eye Safety Tips

  1. Always have an adult supervise children, even sparklers! Sparklers burn up to 1800°F!
  2. Ensure everyone is a safe distance of at least 500 feet when setting off fireworks.
  3. Never point or throw fireworks at another person!
  4. Don’t shoot fireworks out of a glass or metal container. The explosion could shatter and expel glass or metal shards!
  5. Don’t hover. Never have any part of the body directly over a firework when lighting.
  6. Firework didn’t ignite the first time? Soak it in water and discard it. Serious eye trauma and other injuries can occur when people mistake a firework for a “dud” or think that it’s no longer active or hot.
  7. Importantly, protect your eyes and wear safety glasses when setting off fireworks.

OnGuard OG220S

When you experience a fireworks related eye injury:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately
  2. Do not rub your eye. You risk scratching the cornea or making the injury worse.
  3. Don’t attempt to rinse out the eye.
  4. Don’t apply any pressure or ointments to the eye.
  5. Do not to take any pain medication before seeing a medical professional.

The best way to avoid injury is to leave the fireworks to the professionals. However, wearing safety glasses, wearing proper clothing and adhering to a proper distance can help lessen the likelihood of injuries and potential blindness.

Above all, we here at Dr. Tavel wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

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