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Whether you’re out enjoying the crisp Fall weather, or doing some deep cleaning before Winter sets in, seasonal allergies can trigger a lot of symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and of course – itchy or irritated eyes. Seasonal allergies are super common and are super annoying to deal with however, they rarely pose a threat to eyesight. Here are some eye care tips to help your eyes stay happy and healthy throughout all the Fall festivities. 

Avoid Allergens

The best way to get relief from airborne allergens is to avoid irritants that you’re sensitive to. Be aware that pollen and molds spores spike in the Fall and can make allergy symptoms worse. Over the counter allergy medicine with antihistamines reduces allergic reactions and soothe swollen, itchy eyes. Weather web sites often have an allergy and pollen count forecast so you can be prepared before you leave for the day.

Woman with seasonal allergies blowing her nose in the park

Use Eye Drops As Needed

Harsh temperatures and heated buildings during the Fall and Winter often make the air very dry, which can irritate your eyes. There are non-prescription eye drops designed to help relieve eye irritation and itchiness. Additionally, using a humidifier inside can put more moisture in the air to lessen the likelihood of dry eyes. 

Remove or Clean Your Contacts

A lot of eye allergies related to contacts more likely less about the contacts and more likely related to allergens that accumulate on the lens. Avoid irritation and infection by cleaning your contact lenses and case properly. Learn more about contact lens hygiene on our contact care blog. If you experience eye irritation regularly when wearing your contacts in the Fall, consider wearing glasses or talk to your doctor about other options, like daily contact lenses.

Ask Your Eye Doctor About Prescriptions

If you’re experiencing severe and unrelenting symptoms, consider talking to your eye doctor about prescription medications. There are a variety of treatments that can help with allergy relief.

Schedule an Eye Exam

The only way to know how to best treat your seasonal allergies is to see your eye doctor and get a comprehensive eye exam. You can schedule an eye exam online here.





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