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Contact Care

Healthy eyes = happy eyes. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about contact care or proper eye hygiene habits, but keeping your eyes healthy and free of infections is our #1 priority. Eye infections related to improper use of contact lenses can leads to long lasting damage however, most are often preventable. Here are some important habits to consider to make sure you have clean contacts and healthy eyes.

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Wash Your Hands Before Handling Lenses

Germs and dirt from your hands can be easily transferred to your contact lenses and the case. Wash your hands with soap and water every time you wear and take out your lenses.

Clean Your Contacts

Make sure you clean your contacts with the recommended solution before putting them in. Rubbing the lens in your hand with the proper solution breaks up any protein build up and ensures the lens is clean. Never use tap water to rinse your lenses.

Replace Solution in Case Daily

The solution in your case should be discarded and replaced regularly to ensure your contacts remain disinfected. Think of your old solution as dirty bathwater, so when you take your lenses out, make sure they are cleaned and placed in fresh solution.

Avoid Sleeping in Your Contacts

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sleeping while wearing contacts increases the risk of eye infection 6-8 times. One infection you could be at risk for is microbial keratitis which causes inflammation of the cornea, that in some cases can lead to vision loss.

Don’t Swim in Contacts

There are a lot of germs found in water that can stick to your contact lenses and in turn infect your eyes. A lot of these infections caused by bacteria found in water can be incredibly painful and difficult to treat.

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Schedule Annual Eye Exams

Wearing contact lenses increase your chances of eye infections and other issues. Visiting your eye doctor regularly ensures that your eyes are healthy and you’re wearing the proper prescription.

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