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Today’s modern lifestyle places great demands on our eyes. For the majority of us, eyes that are focused on a computer screen, tablet, smart phone or television for long hours have to adapt to different contrasts and levels of brightness. Up to 30,000 times a day! No wonder we sometimes suffer from red, itchy, and watery or dry eyes. Even low-quality eyeglass lenses like readers or poorly fitted frames can cause eye strain. The strain on your eyes may even lead to tension in the neck and/or headaches. Specialized computer lenses can help reduce the strain on your eyes. Here are some eye relaxation exercises that may relax your eyes.

Breath and refresh exercise

Sit comfortably resting your elbows on a flat surface. Close your eyes and place the palms of your hands over your eyes so that it’s completely dark. Breathe in and out, slowly and deliberately, for one or two minutes. Once you’ve done this, slowly take your hands away and open your eyes again.

Four-direction exercise

Sitting comfortably on a stool,hold your head straight. Look as far as you can in all four directions—up, down, left, then right — holding for two or three seconds in each direction. Repeat the series three times. Be sure to move only your eyes, not your head.

Eye socket massage

A gentle massage can be very relaxing for the eyes. Make sure to wash your hands before touching your eyes. Using the tips of your thumbs, massage the area beneath your eyebrows—from the top of your nose to the edge of the eyelid — in circular motions.

Eye relaxation exercise

Sit up straight and stretch one arm out in front of your nose with the thumb pointing upwards. Choose five objects to look at — for example, the tip of your nose, your outstretched arm, your thumb, and two more objects in the room that are further away. Look at each object in turn, resting your gaze on each object for a few breaths. Finally, use both eyes and let your gaze wander over the tip of your nose, your arm, your thumb, and the two objects, finishing by looking into the distance.

Accommodation exercise

Hold your right index finger at eye level, about half an arm’s length from your eye. Hold your left index finger about six inches behind it. In a steady rhythm, look from one finger to the other. Do this for one minute.

Butterfly exercise (to prevent dry eyes)

Face forward with your head straight. Relax your facial muscles and lower jaw. Open and close both eyelids up to 20 times, keeping your muscles relaxed the whole time. Your eyelids should move gently and effortlessly, like the wings of a butterfly.

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