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Whether you’re traveling somewhere new or going about your normal routine, you can’t predict the future. That is why it’s always a good idea to have a backup pair of glasses on hand. Accidents can and will happen so if you lose or break your glasses, having a spare will make sure your vision is never compromised. Here are some top reasons why you should have a backup vision plan for whatever life throws at you.

Accidents Happen

Even the best glasses can break. Don’t get trapped with blurry vision while driving.

glasses with broken lenses


Keeping a spare in your bag or at work can help ensure you always have access to good vision no matter if your glasses break or you forget your glasses at home. Having a pair of glasses with your current prescription is a much better option than pulling out your old outdated frames with the wrong prescription!


Contact lens wearer? Eye irritation is common when it comes to contacts, so make sure you have glasses with your current prescription handy for when your eyes need a break. If you have any eye infection or if you lose a lens, glasses can be a vision saver.

Sun Protection

Unless you’re sporting a pair of Transitions lenses (which we think are great!), consider having a pair of prescription sunglasses as your second pair.

backup pair of prescription sunglasses

According to the Vision Council, 27 percent of Americans report they don’t typically wear sunglasses when they are outside despite complaints of eye irritation, trouble seeing, and sunburn on the eyelids. Sun protection is important and having a pair of sunglasses with your prescription enables you to protect your eyes from UV rays without sacrificing your sight or style.

Night vs Day Vision

driving at night

Many people are affected by night blindness. Night blindness isn’t a disease itself, but a symptom from other vision problems. There are various factors that can be attributed to night blindness, but the best way to know for sure is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam. Thankfully, there are lenses that help ease night blindness symptoms. Lenses with anti-reflective coating can help reduce glare and prevent excessive smudging or scratching, which helps with driving at night. So if you struggle to see at night, having an extra pair specifically for low lighting is the best safety move.

Style Switch Up

Glasses these days have a wide variety of style, color, and shape so that you can stand out in any outfit. If you have a pair of tried and true frames, your second pair can be a bit more fun to mix up woow glassesyour look for a special occasion. Glasses are just one more way to express your individuality, go for it!

If you’re feeling bold, we are in love with all the fun styles of WOOW eyewear.


Work it

Sometimes, you need different glasses for different needs. If you find yourself in front of a screen for extended periods of time for work consider computer glasses to protect your eyes from digital eye strain. Studies have shown when staring at computer or

reading glasses on a book

phone screens, we tend to blink less which can lead to dry eye symptoms. Also, the amount of blue light we expose our eyes to can mess with our circadian rhythm, and strain our eyes.

Struggling to read smaller print? Having a pair of readers for when you settle in to read a book or if you need to peruse a menu with tiny print can be super helpful. Unlike bifocals and progressive lenses that have various focal lengths, readers can help reduce eye strain for anything that you need to focus on up close.

Need A Pair And A Spare?

Snag your backup pair of glasses and save money, schedule an appointment today!

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