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Why in the world would you need multiple pairs of glasses? There are actually quite a few reasons that could help you avoid sticky situations. Check out the top three reasons we think you should invest in multiple pairs of specs.

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Breaking or losing your new specs could be a surefire way to ruin your day and leave you in a pickle. As often as we lose our keys, phone, and wallets we should be prepared if our glasses go MIA.  Having a back-up pair can only be helpful in one of those unfortunate events.

Who wants to have the same look day in and day out? Switching up your look is the fun part of fashion. Sometimes you feel like switching up  your outfits and you should have a different pair of glasses to go with your different looks.

Convenience is the the last reason we think multiple pairs are important. Having a pair at the office and a pair at home alleviates the risk of losing or misplacing your glasses when moving from place to place.

If you are due for an eye exam and are planning on getting a pair of glasses, visit one of Dr. Tavel’s 19 convenient locations in Indiana. Right now, if you purchase one pair of glasses, you get another for free!

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