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With a new year about to begin, it is important to start thinking about scheduling your annual eye exam. What should you expect during an eye exam?

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The first thing your doctor will assess is your visual acuity. Your visual acuity is the clarity of your vision. Checking this begins the process of updating or finding your prescription. This is where the eye chart comes into play. Doctors will use the Snellen chart to determine your visual acuity by covering one eye and instructing you to read the lines.

 After your visual acuity has been checked, the doctor will fine tune your prescription. Your optometrist will use a phoropter and ask you which image is clearer. This process ensures you are getting the clearest image possible out of your new prescription.

Other procedures may take place in the exam as well. The puff test and dilation are just a few of the additional tests that can indicate early signs of glaucoma, diabetes, high cholesterol and many other conditions.

Eye exams can lead to an early diagnosis for serious conditions that could be dangerous if overlooked for long periods of time. Visiting your local optometrist is an essential preventative health measure that should be worked into your annual health routine.

Take the time this year to visit your eye doctor. Dr. Tavel has 19 convenient locations that hold evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

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