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Out of all the optical terms, low vision seems to be a fairly simple one, but what does it actually mean? Low vision is a term used to describe eyesight that generally cannot be corrected with prescription glasses, surgery or medication. Simply put, those with low vision suffer from a low level of sight that cannot be corrected in a typical manner.

low vision


According to, 1 in 28 people will feel effects of low vision by 2020. How does this condition occur? While the natural ageing process is a major contributor, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts play a major part in causing low vision as well.

Difficulty with low vision problems can affect all ages, but is mostly associated with older adults. Symptoms can include tunnel vision and blind spots.

Although this condition may not be corrected with prescription glasses, distance vision can be enhanced. Come visit Dr. Tavel’s board certified optometrists to test for  symptoms of this condition and create a treatment plan for your eyes.

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