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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see 100 times more colors? Can you imagine a world that is even more visually stimulating? A small percentage of people see the world in a depth of color that most will never experience.

There is an extremely rare visual condition called Tetrachromacy. It allows the person to see millions of more colors than the average person.

The average person has three photoreceptors cone cells but a tetrachromat has four photoreceptor cone cells. The fourth photoreceptor cone cell allows the person to see a much broader spectrum of colors. It seems impossible to understand what a tetrachromatic person experiences visually, but there is one way to get an idea.

There is an impressionist artist named Concetta Antico who is tetrachromatic and tries to portray how she sees the world in her amazing paintings. You can see her work here: Concetta Antico.

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