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If you have seen an advertisement for glasses lately, you have probably come across the term “progressive lens”. Many optical chains promote eyeglasses with progressive lenses at a higher price than regular lined bifocals. What exactly are progressive lenses and why should you splurge on them?

progressive lenses


According to, progressive lenses allow for smooth and continuous vision from all focal ranges including near, middle and distance vision. A typical lined bifocal segments near and distance focal ranges by a visible line.

The major advantage to a progressive lens is its ability to create a more natural viewing experience. A lined bifocal can feel choppy and unnatural due to the absence of the middle focal range.  With a progressive lens, onlookers cannot tell you are wearing a multifocal.  Not only does a progressive lens feel more natural to you, it looks more natural to others as well.

Progressive lenses are the ultimate option for those who want a seamless progression of lens powers for viewing at all distances. If you need assistance with near, middle and distance vision, progressive lenses are the way to go. Come visit Dr. Tavel at one of his 19 convenient locations and talk to our board certified staff about your lens options.

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