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While contacts are a great alternative to glasses, sometimes it is hard to avoid the irritation and discomfort they cause.  Taking a few precautions can help  minimize the risk of discomfort.  Here are three common mistakes the contact wearer should  avoid:

  • Putting contacts in your mouth

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When contacts are dry, a scratching sensation can irritate the eye. It is a natural reaction to want to moisten your lenses, but using your spit is not the way to do it. The mouth is crawling with bacteria and germs that can latch on to the contact and cause an infection. If contacts get dry, use a little solution to make them comfortable.

  • Forgetting to wash your hands before touching contacts

While it has been ingrained in us to wash our hands during certain parts of our day, washing hands before handling contacts isn’t always a common practice. Your hands carry lots of germs that can cause eye infections if they come in contact with your lenses. Wash up contact wearers!

  • Swimming  or showering in contacts

The last mistake contact wearers tend to make is swimming or showering in  contacts. You may not think twice before jumping in the shower with your contacts in. After all, you have to read the shampoo bottle , right? Turns out, microbes in tap water can increase your risk for an eye infection as well. Same goes for the swimming pool. To avoid any risk of infection, be sure to take out your contact lenses.

If you do contract an eye infection, come visit Dr. Tavel at one of our 19 convenient locations. We are open nights and weekends for your convenience.

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