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Many people have a correctable vision problem known as Myopia or “nearsightedness.” This means that an individual is able to see things up close, like the newspaper or a book, while distant objects appear to be blurred or out of focus.

Detection of this issue may seem to be pretty easy without having an eye examination, but to correct it will require glasses and lenses (or contact lenses) customized for your eyes specifically.

Living with an uncorrected problem like Myopia will prove itself to be quite uncomfortable. Constantly squinting in an effort to see far objects causes eye strain and tired eyes which can lead to headaches. It’s very important to pay close attention to your eye care.

What’s even more important is to consider the whole family, children most particularly. Kids often are not aware that inability to see the chalkboard at school is a problem or that a headache can be a result of needing glasses. It has been proven by several institutions that undetected vision problems in children can significantly hinder their performance in school.

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