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Welcome to October! The colors of fall are beginning to emerge all around Indiana, reminding us how much we value the gift of sight.  In honor of Eye Injury Prevention Month, here are three tips to keep eyes safe this fall.

Wear protective eyewear at work:

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) designates certain jobs that require protective eyewear. Wearing some sort of goggles protects your sight as well as  the glasses you already wear.

Wear protective eyewear at home:

Fall is the season of DIY projects which occasionally involve dangerous tools. Be sure to wear protective goggles when using any power tool that could send debris flying into the eye.

Wear protective eyewear at  play:

If you are  involved in lacrosse, hockey,paintball, or any water sports, be sure to wear the appropriate protective gear. Water sports may not require a helmet, but protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays can be just as important.

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