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2020 – The year of better vision

Dr. Tavel is renewing our commitment to provide vision protection and correction for all. Our mission is to help Hoosiers see better, look better, and feel better. One way we can bring this mission to life is by making comprehensive eye exams and affordable eyewear more accessible. We are taking a pledge to provide 20/20 vision to as many communities as possible this year, and here is how you can help. 

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Save $20.20 on 20/20 vision

Start the new year with a new look when you trade-in your old glasses for new ones. We will give you a $20.20 trade-in credit toward new glasses. All the new and gently used frames we collect will be donated to Eyes of Hope, where they will be distributed to people in need. Eyes of Hope supports local communities around the globe through initiatives that bring eye care, eyewear, education, and disaster relief to places where they’re needed most.

How It Works

New year, new look.

Maximize your 2020 vision benefits and directly aid communities in need. Let’s create opportunities for everyone to see better, look better, and feel better. Cheers to 20/20 vision and the year 2020 ahead!

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