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We have some exciting new innovations that will be coming in 2021, which includes giving our patients a peek into how their eyewear is made! At Dr. Tavel, we understand that each pair of glasses is as unique and important as the eyes looking through them. Since 1940, Dr. Tavel has taken pride in the careful craftsmanship of each pair of glasses that come through our lab. In 2021, all of our lenses will be locally manufactured in our lab using the latest lens technology, state-of-the-art optical materials, and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes.

Track Your Eyewear Order

We are also excited to share that we are launching a brand new Eyewear Tracker in early 2021!

This will give patients the ability to track where their eyewear is in the production process, give an estimated time of arrivals, and allow patients to learn a little bit more about how their eyewear is made.

No more guessing when your order will be done! Our eyewear tracker will give a peek behind the curtain and show videos of our production process and all customization and intricacies that go into the crafting of each pair of glasses.

As far as we know, no other optical retailer allows patients to track their eyewear from start to finish. Plus, as a bonus, we have grouped all family members together as well!

So as a parent or guardian, you can not only see your eyewear but each of your dependents’ eyewear as well! We’re incredibly excited to be able to give our patients this additional service so that they can better plan their trips to our locations to get custom fitted for their brand new eyewear.

From the moment your order comes in, to the moment your personalized glasses find their home on your face, our staff at Dr. Tavel strives to provide you the best product in a timely and professional manner.

We are working hard to complete the eyewear tracker, so keep your eyes peeled for updates as we get closer to the new year!


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