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Childhood obesity might not be the only reason to encourage children to go play outside. Researchers from University of Cambridge discovered that spending time outdoors may reduce myopia in children. Researchers observed a 2% reduction in the odds of myopia per additional hour of time spent outdoors per week.  Additionally, spending time outdoors curbed myopic progression in children. Is it because one more hour outside means one less hour in front of the television?

It is one of the more confusing myths of the optical world. Sometimes my eyes ache after watching TV too long, or being on a computer for too long. Are there long term effects from all of this new technology? Most experts will agree that there are not long term effects from watching television or being on a computer. Eye strain is a common side effect, however. Additionally, children normally watch television with their heads titled up – a position that causes even more strain than a straight neck. Letting a child watch TV isn’t awful for their eyes, but make sure they sit ergonomically in order to reduce eye strain.

Parents shouldn’t be concerned for the future of their children’s eyes if they sit too close, but they might want to investigate the current health of their eyes. Sitting really close the television may not cause nearsightedness in children, but nearsightedness might cause children to sit closer. If your child is sitting close to the TV, it might be time to get him or her into Dr Tavel for an eye exam.

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