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Contact lenses-a harmful medical device?  Apparently so according to a study released by the U.S.  Food and Drug Administration last week, contact lenses topped the list of medical devices causing injuries to children.  About 34,000 eye problems related to contacts were reported in the study which said 70,000 children go to emergency rooms each year from injuries and complications from medical devices.

Contact lenses, placed directly on the eye, were reported to cause infections and eye abrasions in children coming into the emergency room.  Injuries such as these are usually preventable with correct contact lens wear and compliance.  Contact lenses are overwhelmingly popular with younger crowds as they don’t make a sometimes dramatic fashion statement like glasses can.

Complying with contact lens wear is one of the ways injuries like those reported can be omitted.  Routinely cleaning lenses and not wearing them for prolonged periods of time reduces any risk for injury but sometimes tasks like these prove difficult for young contact wearers. offers a handy guide for contact basics and how to take care of your eyes when wearing contact lenses.

Children though may do best with daily disposable lenses that are easier to maintain as cleaning lenses is removed from their routine.  Lenses like these however cannot be worn for extended periods of time and must be thrown away.  Talking with your eye care doctor about lifestyle and expectations for your contact lenses can help choose which type is best for you and leave you injury free!

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