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Statistics say that nearly 1 in every 4 kids has an undetected vision problem that can hinder their performance in school. That’s why we suggest an annual eye exam, preferably before your child starts the school year.

But sometimes a child won’t notice he or she has a vision problem until the start of school and they begin to  struggle with reading the words on the whiteboard or reading a book in class.

If your child has a vision problem, he/she can have trouble learning. He/she may lose their place while reading or avoid reading, resulting in a decline of a his/her grades.

Signs of an eye problem aren’t always obvious, but your child may display some of these signs:

  • Rubs eyes a lot
  • Squints or blinks much of the time
  • Has lots of headaches due to eye strain
  • Tilts head to one side
  • Covers one eye to see
  • Holds books close to his/her face
  • Has trouble remembering what he/she read
  • Has a short attention span

If your child is displaying any of these signs, you should schedule an eye exam today.

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