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After avoiding the eye doctor for about five years, I finally got my eyes checked and picked out a new pair of glasses from Dr. Tavel. I thought I could see just fine without glasses, but it looks like I actually needed them pretty badly.

I picked out a tortoise Axebonew glasses frame with high-index clean and clear lenses. I started wearing them this week  and I absolutely love them. I can see so much clearer and never want to take them off. Dr. Tavel had a large selection of the geek style I wanted.  It was hard to choose between all the different brands like Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Geek Eyewear and Axebo.  After about an hour of looking, I chose the Axebo frame because it fit my face shape the best . I have worn these glasses for about three days now and have received quite a few compliments on them.

I am so happy with my new glasses from Dr. Tavel and will never go back to squinting to see the computer screen.  If you have been avoiding the eye doctor like me, you may want to consider scheduling an eye exam. Not only are you bettering your overall health, you are able to update your holiday look. Take control of your eye health and visit one of Dr. Tavel’s 19 convenient office locations.

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