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Did you know your optometrist can detect diabetes, MS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, tumors, bowel diseases, and even certain autoimmune diseases? Oddly enough, Baby Boomers are the primary group affected by these diseases and the demographic most likely to avoid the optometrist. Optometrists are able to detect these issues up to 1 year before your primary care physician can.

So what causes the optometrist-anxiety from the Baby Boomers?  Maybe they think that because they don’t wear glasses that they don’t need to go? Or maybe they don’t know anything about their vision benefits? According to CFO & Controller Alert, 79% of Baby Boomers are likely to enroll in their vision benefits, but only 66% of those use the benefits.

Believe it or not, it is beneficial to organizations to educate their employees on the importance of eye exams. If an employee is experiencing vision problems, 77% of the time that problem will directly translate into a decrease in their productivity. Still, only 58% of firms provide clear, written material about the costs and benefits of vision plans; 38% offer a presentation on the vision plan; and only 13% educate employees on the health of the eyes.

Encouraging eye exams are a way to keep health costs down, keep your employees healthy, and increase productivity. Dr Tavel would be happy to analyze your company’s vision benefit needs and custom design a program for you. Visit Dr Tavel or one of his board-certified optometrists to keep everyone happy and healthy!


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