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When I put on my glasses, the question begs – where is the glass??? Alas, there is plenty of plastic, but no glass to be found.

Believe it or not, less than 10% of all glasses made in the United States contain glass lenses. Mostly, lenses now are made out of plastic: CR-39 or polycarbonate. CR-39 is basic plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are 10 times stronger than normal CR-39, 40% thinner, and 1/3 the weight, and 100% UV resistant. If your glasses are for children, polycarbonate is almost a must. But, why not glass?

Well, if you have picked up a glass cup versus a plastic cup, you will see it is much heavier. Heavier lens material requires a heavier-duty frame, which may or may not hold the weight of the lens. (Also, they won’t be able to stay on your nose as well!) So, what if the lens does pop out? With a plastic lens, you can just pop it back in. With a glass lens, it will shatter and usually does not care if it falls towards the eye, or away towards the ground.  Still, there is the occasional patient that prefers glass lenses. What can we say; the heart wants what the heart wants!

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