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How do you know which wives’ tales about vision are fact and which are fiction? came up with a great article outlining myths and facts about sight. Here is a quick synopsis of my favorites.

“Sitting Too Close to the TV Will Damage Your Vision”

Fiction: This old wives’ tale was a tool to keep kids from sitting too close to the television. Turns out, sitting close to the television may give you a headache, but it cannot damage your vision.

“Looking Straight at the Sun Will Damage Your Sight”

Fact: Looking straight at the sun can have negative effects on your eyes. Sunglasses should be worn any time you are exposed to UV rays. Invisible UV rays can permanently burn your eyes without proper  protection.

“Using Artificial Sweeteners Will Make Your Eyes More Sensitive to Light”

Fact: Artificial sweeteners are major contributors to light sensitivity. While artificial sweeteners are generally low in calories, they can have damaging effects on your eyes.

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