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Have you had to take out your contact lenses because of discomfort from allergies? I’ve been there.

You may think that your eye allergies prevent you from being able to wear contact lenses, but the fact is you still can.

I’m one of an estimated 40 million Americans who wear contact lenses. There have been many recent advances in contact lenses technology to accommodate those with allergy-related eye conditions. Contact lenses are available in various modalities including daily disposable and two-week replacement. Your Indiana Optometrist can help you decide which contact lenses are right for your lifestyle.

Dr. Tavel has several recommendations for contact lens wearers:

  • Limit the amount of time you wear your lenses.
  • If your lenses are bothered by eye allergies, wear them only part-time in conjunction with your eyeglasses.
  • Find a lens cleaning system that’s right for you. (Clear Care is my choice. I’ll cover that in a later post.)

If you continue to experience discomfort from eye allergies, ask your Indianapolis eye doctor if daily disposable contacts are right for you. Let me know your tips on wearing contact lenses!

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