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Dr. Tavel’s In-Office Remote Doctor Experience: Your Virtual Eye Doctor

POSTED ON February 13, 2024


Dr. Tavel’s in-office remote doctor experience leverages telehealth technology to better serve our patients by decreasing exam wait time and increasing appointment availability. Having convenient access to quality eye care enables early diagnosis, substantially reducing the risk of blindness or severe vision impairment. An in-office eye exam with a virtual eye doctor is a way to access the eye care needed that best suit your lifestyle. You still receive the same exceptional level of care as if the doctor were physically present, but in a more innovative way. A highly trained technician uses the latest technology to provide high-quality care in-office with communication from an experienced optometrist in a remote location.

patient sitting behind phoropter during in-office eye exam with a virtual eye doctor

What is the purpose of having an exam with a virtual eye doctor?

An in-office remote eye exam with a virtual eye doctor is not meant to replace an onsite doctor but allows for more available appointment times and flexibility to fit your schedule. You can still expect the same best-in-class care just like an in-person comprehensive eye exam. Experienced optometrist conduct your exam over Telehealth video call instead of in-person, while a highly trained in-person technician will be there to assist.

What to expect during your virtual eye doctor appointment?

After checking in for your appointment, a highly trained onsite technician will conduct preliminary testing, capture in-depth images and videos of your eyes, allowing the doctor to perform a complete review of your total eye health. The information is seamlessly integrated into your patient chart in real-time for your remote doctor to review.

An optometric technician with virtually attend your exam to determine your eyewear prescription. The remote doctor will perform your personalized eye exam over telehealth video call, including the ability to remotely control the equipment in the exam room. The doctor will discuss your health history and review exam findings that may include disease that may be present. Then, the doctor will also confirm that your eyewear prescription is correct.

The doctor will conclude your exam by providing personalized recommendations that are personalized to your eye care needs and by answering any questions or concerns you may have. Our technician will share that insight from the optometrist with a trained optician who will help you select eyewear that best fits you and your specific needs.

What are the benefits of an in-office exam with a virtual eye doctor?

The remote doctor experience can help improve access to vision care for patients who value flexibility in their busy schedules. The latest technology makes the process quick and convenient, reducing the time you spend at the optometrist’s office. In addition, you get an eye prescription in approximately less than 30 minutes*, and assistance from a trained optician to choose a stylish pair of glasses.

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