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You have officially made the transition to contacts. How exciting!  It may take a little time to get used to your new contacts, so we put together three tips to keep your eyes at ease.


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1. Make sure your contact lens isn’t inside out.  A common mistake made by new wearers is attempting to put a contact in the eyes  inside out. The lens should look like a rounded bowl with the edges facing inward. If the edges are flared out like a vase, the lens is not in the proper position.

2. Keep your contact in new solution every day. It can become a habit to leave old solution in your contact case for a week or so. This practice can trap bacteria in the case and around your lens. Avoid this by replenishing your case with new solution each day.

3. Make sure your hands are clean before handling contacts in the morning. Bacteria on your hands can get into your eye causing infections and irritation.

Following these three tips should help make your transition to contacts simple and easy. If you do notice irritation while wearing contacts, call one of Dr. Tavel’s 19 convenient office locations in Indiana to schedule an appointment.


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