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By the time you are a young adult, it is safe to say you have become pretty attached to your eye color. After all, it is a part of what defines you. Are you blue-eyed? Green-eyed? Hazel? What if it suddenly changed?

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It is fairly common for a child’s eyes to change color from blue or gray to their permanent color by the age of 6. In some rare cases, young adults can encounter eye color change as well. states that 3-8 percent of young people encounter eye color change in later stages of life.

Sudden eye color change in adults may be an indicator of a serious condition. The change could be a sign of certain diseases including Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner’s syndrome or pigmentary¬†glaucoma. If you notice a sudden change in your eye color, schedule an appointment with one of Dr. Tavel’s board certified optometrists.



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