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Signs You Need New Glasses 

Your vision can change over time, and it’s not always immediately noticeable, even for long-time glasses wearers. How can you tell when you need a new prescription for your eyeglasses? Here are five signs that you may need a new prescription.  

Blurry Vision 

If you’re struggling to focus or noticing a sudden blur of vision, it’s important to see your eye doctor. This could be a result of a change in vision or other serious issues, like cataracts. A comprehensive eye exam will make sure your prescription is current and your eyes are healthy.  


Headaches can be a result of several vision-related issues, including an old prescription or a recent vision change. Vision changes aren’t always noticeable, and people can fail to realize that headaches are a sign of that change. The brain works hard to try and correct the vision problem, but uses too much energy, resulting in a headache. If you’ve had your glasses awhile, it might be time to revisit your eye doctor to rule out any bigger issues.  

Worn Out Glasses 

If your glasses are old enough to be in kindergarten, it’s time for a fresh pair of frames and a new prescription. Not only does vision typically worsen over time, but ill-fitting frames or scratched lenses can also attribute to eye strain. Visiting your optometrist every year can detect any vision loss and adjust or refresh your glasses for the best visual clarity. 


Squinting to see the screen? Squinting is a natural attempt to see things clearly, but excessively squinting can cause eye strain and headaches. Your glasses or contact should be making it easier to see clearly, so if you’re experiencing any eye fatigue, it’s time to schedule an eye exam for a prescription update.  

It’s been a year since your last eye exam 

Annual eye exams are the best way to stay on top of your vision health. Even if your glasses or contact lenses seem to be working fine, optometrists can make any needed adjustments to your prescription and diagnose any other issues early. Let’s set a date for your next eye exam! Schedule online at or call 844-GO-TAVEL today. 

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