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The Optomap Retinal Exam is a revolutionary tool that allows our doctors to view the majority of the retina with a 200° high resolution image in a single shot. At Dr. Tavel, we have multiple locations that offer the exam as part of our eye exam at no extra charge! The exam normally would cost anywhere from $39-$59 when not covered by insurance. While a traditional eye exam with dilation is still super useful and necessary in some cases, the Optomap image makes the appointment process faster, smoother and more comfortable for patients undergoing a routine eye exam. Here are the top 3 Benefits on why you should consider making the Optomap a part of your next eye exam:

Optomap Saves Time

The Optomap process just takes a few minutes start to finish, where a traditional dilation could take up to 45 minutes.  A digital image is immediately available to view, allowing both the patient and the doctor to view the eye together. The patient’s vision isn’t impaired and they are able to resume normal activities immediately after whereas their vision would be impaired after dilation for about 4-6 hours.

Easy Diagnosis

The Optomap provides a single image that captures most of the entire eye and helps the doctor to diagnose diseases quickly. The enlarged image allows the doctor to view the retina in more detail and it creates a permanent record that doctors can use to compare side by side in future exams. The 200° view vs the normal 45° view with dilation makes early diagnosis and treatments easier while allowing the patient to also increase their own understanding of their eyes.

No Extra Charge

Dr. Tavel is offering the Optomap exam for FREE at our Terre Haute, Lafayette Road, East 10th, South East Street, and Elkhart locations. Most optometry offices will charge you for an Optomap exam if it isn’t covered by insurance, but we offer the exam at no extra cost to you! We here at Dr. Tavel believe everyone should have access to the best eye care, and this is a great option for anyone needing an eye exam.

While the Optomap is a valuable tool, it is not meant to replace dilation when it’s necessary. Dilation gives a thorough and in-depth examination of the specific portions of the eye that may be affected by the disease. It is also essential for those patients who meet the ‘at-risk’ category for common eye problems or have a pre-existing retinal condition. Both the Optomap process and dilation are important and complement each other to give the best vision care possible.  Everyone is a good candidate for the Optomap! Schedule an eye exam today at one of our locations today.

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