Will Anti-Reflective Coatings Rub Off My Lenses?

I was in our Anderson vision center the other day and I heard a patient as one of our opticians if she could rub off the anti-reflective (AR) coating on her lenses.  She had heard from someone that she shouldn’t get AR because it would rub and peel off and ruin her lenses. Being around eye doctors and in our Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care stores, I hear all kinds of rumors and myths about eye care and products, specifically glasses and lenses.  This is one myth that at one point might have been true years ago.  The reality is that AR coatings have come a long way in terms of the technology that is used to create this coating.  The current process is that the AR is put on the lens through a process of stacks so there are multiple layers of coatings that go on the lens, making it very resistant to wear and tear.  In addition, most manufacturers of AR coatings will test their lenses with thousands of rub cycles back and forth to make sure the lens will stand up to cleaning and wear and tear. So if you are staying away from an Anti-Reflective lens coating because you are afraid it is going to rub off, then you are staying away for the wrong reason.  And if you want to buy the best eye glasses possible, then you will want to make sure AR is part of the package.



Seeing as this article is 6 years old, I don’t know if anyone will see this comment…but I’ve actually had more problems with AR coatings rubbing off in recent years than I have in the past. I’ve had this problem with both eyeglasses ordered over the internet and with eyeglasses purchased from my local optometrist’s office. I’ve pulled out older eyeglasses (5+ years old) and did not see any damage to the AR coating. Are there “cheap” lenses going around? Who makes them and how do I avoid them?

Dustin Rea

There are many types of AR Coatings. The best ones are not actually coating. We offer Crizal Avance, a premium Anti-Reflective. It’s part of the lens. It also has an industry leading hard coat on the outside to prevent scratching and peeling. Feel free to visit http://www.crizalusa.com/avance to learn more.


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