Vision Doctors Detect Sign of Aging

No one can quite beat one thing in life and that is aging.  We all may come from different backgrounds, have various likes, dislikes, and opinions but regardless of our multiple differences we all share the common ground that each day we grow older.  One of the inevitable facts of aging (beyond the grey hair and wrinkles) is cataracts which is the clouding of the eye’s lens. Cataracts will most likely affect all of us after age 70 as Dr. Chi-Wah (Rudy) Yung, director of the comprehensive ophthalmology service at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute at Indiana University School of Medicine, said about one of the most common eye diseases where the eyes natural lens is clouded causing vision to be blurry.  Dr. Yung comments about cataracts and their risk factors in the Indianapolis Star article, “If you live to your 70s, you will likely develop cataracts.” How can this common symptom of aging be fixed?  First, cataracts must be detected with a dilated eye exam which can be done by a vision doctor at an Indiana vision center.  A dilated eye exam will not only detect cataracts in the eyes but other eye diseases like glaucoma.  Having this done can determine whether a surgery should be completed or whether you should buy eye glasses with a higher prescription.  Both may be necessary but together they can help eliminate cataracts and save your vision. Wearing sunglasses that block harmful UV-rays to protect your eyes, stopping smoking, and controlling blood sugar if diabetic are Dr. Yung’s as well as Dr. Tavel’s tips to prevent this aging eye disease (along with visiting your eye doctor of course!)

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