Vision Blog Favorites Of 2010

2010 was a busy year for the Vision Blog writers and Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care.  Below are links to some of our favorite posts in the year of 2010 (12 of course.)  Comment on your favorites! January: Dr. Tavel To Help With Haitian Relief Effort The earthquake in Haiti severely damaged the country and its healthcare.  Dr. Tavel, staff and patients donated old eye glasses to help those in need of vision correction.  The Red Cross delivered the glasses to those in need in Haiti. February: Dr. Tavel Opens Its 20th Indiana Location Our newest office opened in February in Zionsville, Indiana.  It is our 20th location!  We are happy to serve Zionsville residents and others at this office in Boone Village. March: Eye Exam From the Patient’s Point of View Laugh at a video discussing the eye exam experience as told by a comedian.  Eye examinations can detect various eye diseases as well as if vision correction is needed…something to not be too busy for, your sight! April: Know Your Patients Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care has many patients like this one from Bloomington to which we have been serving for many years.  We hope to serve you for as long as needed with the best eye care, best eye wear possible…and that’s a promise from the doctor®! May: Dr. Tavel Optical Group Takes 29th in Vision Monday’s Top 50 Optical Retailers We moved up since last year thanks to our wonderful patients, thank you! June: Glasses Fit For Me You want eye wear that is specifically and uniquely fit for you right?  Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care aims to find the perfect glasses or contacts fit for you.  Telling your optician the kinds of work you do and how you use your eyes helps us do just that! July: Quite the “Bad Romance,” Going Gaga Over Circle Contacts Lada Gaga won the 2010 VMA Video Of The Year for “Bad Romance” the video where she wears dangerous circle contact lenses.  She makes quite the statement wherever she goes…just don’t follow her lead in the eye wear department with circle contact lenses (not FDA approved). August: Vote For Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care! We were honored to be nominated as one of Indy’s Best in Eyewear in the’s A-List Best of Indy 2010.  We were voted 2nd, thank you! September: Dr. Tavel Eye Healthy Food Challenge Eye healthy foods can be beneficial for your eyes and also for your taste buds!  The Eye Healthy Food Challenge on the Vision Blog shared multiple recipes and ideas to include eye healthy food in your daily menu.  Enjoy! October: Is 3D Bad For Your Eyes? 3D is the new thing…all of the blockbuster hits like “Avatar,” and “Toy Story 3,”  made millions and now 3D is in your home with 3D TV’s.  Beware of some of the possible sideaffects from this new fad. November: Contact Lens Discomfort: Are Your Eyes Burning? Do you wear contact lenses? Are they comfortable?  Learn how to be painfree with your contact lenses all day long especially during the winter months when eyes can especially be dry! December: The Low Down On Eye Health: AMD Learn the low down on multiple eye health topics on the Vision Blog.  Age-related macular degeneration is one of the top sight-robbing diseases for older Americans.  Protect yourself and your loved ones now. Happy 2011 from the Vision Blog writers and Dr. Tavel!

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