Skiing In Colorado

What an amazing day on the slopes in Winter Park, Colorado.  I came out last night for a three day ski trip with some friends.  Packing for a trip like this always requires me to bring a ton of things I need specifically for skiing.  Ski pants, gloves, hat, knee braces (I am getting to be quite an old man).  The one thing that is critical for a trip like this is the various eyewear needs.  I wear my eyeglasses when I am at work as my computer glasses are the best thing for my eyes when I am looking at a computer all day.  But, when I am skiing or doing something more active I need to wear my contact lenses.  For a trip like this, I like to take daily wear contact lenses because it is so much easier to travel with contact lenses that I can switch out daily and I don’t need to bring any contact lens solution.  For this trip I took the Acuvue Moist one-day lenses, which are great because they provide the moisture and comfort my eye need when skiing all day.
(Day Two, when it was MUCH, MUCH colder)
On top of the contact lenses I wear, I have to have something to block the UV rays that are so intense when they reflect off the snow.  The best sun lenses are polarized lenses because they really block the rays and the light, while allowing me to have the best vision possible on the slopes.  For this trip I wore a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses that are great due to the high comfort level of the glasses, which are built for sport and activity-wear.  Eyesight and the ability to see while skiing are so critical, which is why having the right materials and equipment are important.

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