No excuses…get an eye exam

I recently had an eye examination.  My first in quite a few years as during college I never felt the need to get one as I could see fine and never had a problem with my vision.  This passive thought of mine about not needing an eye exam by an Indiana eye doctor like Dr. Tavel and his board certified associates was misled and wrong as I have learned that many if not most eye diseases have few if no symptoms at all.  Most of us should not wait until vision worsens and get an eye exam every one to two years to ensure vision is healthy. A post on WebMD recently displayed 33 common eye diseases or eye ailments that affect our vision often times at first without us knowing it.  One common ailment that 33% of American’s age 13-54 deal with according to the website is myopia or nearsightedness.  This is the problem seeing distant objects and vision is often blurry or unclear.  For those with nearsightedness the eyeball is actually too long or abnormally shaped so light rays focus just in front of the retina instead of directly on it creating blurry distant vision.  My Indianapolis eye doctor mentioned this to me as I went through basic vision screening tests. Nearsightedness is a vision problem for many young adults like myself that is corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses.  There typically are symptoms for this vision problem as those with it may experience trouble driving, playing sports, seeing a blackboard or TV, get headaches, or have issues with squinting and fatigue.  Don’t wait to see an eye doctor if you have these symptoms or if you have none at all.  Your ability to see is one if not the most important of our five senses so take care of your eyes by getting an eye examination. No excuses for being able to see fine (my excuse) or being too busy…Dr. Tavel has evening and weekend hours to fix everyone’s needs.  And if you do have nearsightedness or any other eye ailment and need to get glasses, Dr. Tavel is offering this great deal for you now…see it here.

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