My Optical Job Security: Pets and Kids

Post by guest blogger Joshua Yates, manager at Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care in Zionsville People often ask me about how business is going.  And my response is always the same: I am slow sometimes but I have optical job security.  Now you may be wondering what optical job security is and I have three words for you: pets and kids. The top reasons people come in for emergency glasses replacements are pets and kids.  Believe it or not we get a ton of “my dog ate my glasses” stories.  So here are some pieces of advice from an optical  veteran. For pets in general the rule of thumb is if they can’t get it they can’t eat it.  At night make sure you take your glasses off and place them in a hard case, like our multi-colored clam shell cases, and even go so far as placing them in a night stand drawer or a high shelf. When it comes to kids damaging or destroying glasses it can often be for more complicated reasons.  There are a few things I recommend to every parent with a first time glasses wearer. First and foremost, let the child get a pair of glasses they want.  If your child does not like the glasses they have to wear day in and day out, more often than not those glasses are going to be in many “accidents”. Secondly, consider a second pair for your child as a backup.  Even if your kid is the best glasses wearer ever and takes excellent care of them, they still come home with crooked glasses, screws missing and such.  This may be due to a stray dodge ball at recess, a book bag hit, or a fall off the jungle gym.  On average I see my younger clients five to 10 times a year and my adult clients two or three.  A back up allows for fewer visits or allows you to bring in the glasses while your child is in school for the repair without forcing he or she to be blind for the day. Taking care of your eyewear is important for healthy vision.  If you need repairs or adjustments, come see me at Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care and I’ll make sure you’re good as new.

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