Know Your Patients

A long time patient came into the Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care in Bloomington last week to have his annual eye examination as his contact lens prescription had expired.  He needed a new exam before we could reorder his annual supply of premium contact lenses (for those unfamiliar with wearing contact lenses, the Rx is only valid for one year and then the patient is required by law to have another eye examination and contact lens fit.  Since contacts are placed directly on the eye, the Rx expiration date is different than for eye glasses.  Go here for more information about Understanding you Contact Lens Rx.) This patient’s contact lens prescription hasn’t changed in 10 years, so our Bloomington manager ordered an annual supply of contacts for him ahead of time, especially given that he is a +10.00 and his contacts are a special order item. When he came in for the eye examination we were able to give him his order at the time of service immediately after our Bloomington eye doctor released his prescription. He didn’t have to wait and he was thrilled.  As a long-time Bloomington Dr. Tavel patient, we knew his needs and were able to offer timely and excellent service.

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