I Love the NBA

This week was the start of the 2009-2010 NBA season.  I am a hoops junkie so this makes me pretty excited.  Watching the Pacers in their season opener, I definitely see some potential for them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting them to go deep in the playoffs, but I think they are heading in the right direction in terms of the guys they picked up in the off-season and the draft.  All of the new acquisitions are tough, with a desire to play hard and intense on defense. I have been in love with the game of basketball all my life, playing throughout high school and college.  I still play in a morning game at the local YMCA, which is more about finding a fun way to stay in shape than anything else.  What has been interesting for me is realizing how important my vision is when it comes to playing basketball.  Up until I was 30, I had no need for vision correction and I took my sight for granted while playing sports.  Then it hit me that I couldn’t see the other end of the court all that well and I might have an actual reason for missing so many shots!  Needless to say, contact lenses have made my life so much better when it comes to playing basketball because I finally have perfect vision again and I can focus on playing ball instead of how well I can see.

In recent years, I have discovered the benefits of daily disposable contact lenses.  They are great because I can wake up, open a new lens and hit the gym. Since I wear a new pair every day, there is no deposit build up on the lens and my comfort level is at an all time high.  Currently I am wearing CooperVision’s Proclear 1-day daily disposable, which is a great contact lens.

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