How To See Clearly On A Grey Day

Sunglasses are a must-have with sunny weather but they are a must too on grey and overcast days.  Even behind the clouds, the sun can be harmful on your eyes and wearing sunglasses can help protect your vision as well as help you see better.  The best sunglasses out there, Drivewear polarized sunglasses, have a fix for grey days as one of the three lens stages is specific for low light conditions.  The lens turns a yellow/green to Lens color for overcast/grey days.  Photo courtesy of: for high amounts of light transmission so that the eye can receive and see more than just grey!  The yellow/green color was chosen to allow just the right type of light to maximize the visual experience so that you can see clearly on a grey day. The polarized capabilities of the Drivewear lens blocks any glare that would destroy clear vision on days such as this so that when outside you are able to see clearly from all angles and images pop more even in the overcast conditions.   The lens transforms quickly so that eyes can adjust to the changes in amount of UV light present when outside.  Drivewear polarized sunglasses found at Dr. Tavel, sunglasses for any kind of day including grey!

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