Eye Care Statistics for Children

I was reading the latest issue of Eyecare Business magazine and they had some great statistics regarding children’s vision.
  • 23 million children have vision problems
  • 95% of vision issues can be corrected if detected and treated early
  • 7 – 12% of children have eye problems that may lead to permanent loss of vision if not detected and treated in time
  • 2.4 million (or 10.5% of) children between the ages of zero and four are affected
  • 86% don’t have eyes examined before first grade
  • Only 14% have their eyes examined before age 18
— Source: PediaVision Of all the statistics, the last one was the most surprising.  As a family eye care practice, Dr. Tavel sees thousands of children every year for eye examinations, glasses and lenses and contact lenses.  One of our primary goals is to educate families that they need to see an eye care doctor on an annual basis, even if you do not need to buy eye glasses.  Looks like we need to continue spreading the word based on that last statistic…

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