Driving Sunglasses

When behind the wheel of a vehicle, much is required with a license, a seatbelt, gas in the tank, proper vision, and alert attention.   On sunny days (or any day without precipitation), sunglasses should be required to help drivers see clearly on the roads or highways.  The best driving sunglasses have the root of the word in their name, Drivewear polarized sunglasses, and their technology allows drivers and wearers to see from any vehicle’s window/windshield or when outside clearly. These sunglasses do the work for their wearer in that they respond to ambient light Drivewear's second light trigger is copper for behind the wheel, best for driving! Photo courtesy of: http://www.drivewearlens.com/home.phptriggers and change to allow certain amounts of light into the eye for quality vision.  Drivewear’s second light trigger is meant for behind a windshield of a vehicle as the lens turns into a copper color providing overall lower transmission of light to control light intensity for the eyes to intake and focus on objects.  It is the only lens in the market to transition behind a windshield making these the best driving sunglasses.  The copper color of this lens is optimal for traffic signal recognition and this polarized lens promotes preferential activation of the eyes red cones so that drivers can see the red-yellow-green lights when driving and no glare. Drivewear’s polarized lenses completely block blinding glare when on the road eliminating a valid driving hazard.  The combination of these qualities distinguishes these lenses to be the best sunglasses for driving, and no driver should be without these glasses behind the wheel!

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