Dr. Tavel Attends Duke Realty Wellness Fair

Last Friday, Team Tavel spent the morning at Duke Realty’s annual employee Health and Wellness Fair.  I received a call from their office and they wanted Dr. Tavel to attend as the primary eye care provider for their employees.  We gladly accepted and took some equipment to be able to do a vision screening for any employees that came by our tables. This was a great opportunity as we were able to screen vision for almost 100 of Duke’s employees.  The overwhelming outcome of these screenings is that most of the employees need to come to Dr. Tavel for an annual eye examination.  While there were a few employees who regularly take advantage of their health care insurance and see their Indianapolis eye doctor, most people don’t.  There were several people who admitted they hadn’t been to their Indianapolis optometrist in 5 plus years! This never makes much sense to me.  First, most employers like Duke offer vision insurance whereby employees can get an annual eye examination for free or for a nominal co-pay.   Second, eye exams are so much more than just telling you what your error of refraction is.  We had some people say they haven’t had problems seeing so they haven’t had a need to see an Indiana eye doctor.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions about seeing Dr. Tavel.  Our eye examinations are done by the best eye doctors and they examine for multiple common eye diseases as well as several age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. Overall, it was a great opportunity to partner with a great company and educate, inform and screen vision.

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