Catch The Contagious…Pink Eye

Recently I had lunch with a few college friends. During the course of the meal we revisited our college days discussing memories and funny stories from the time in our lives where all of us had lived with 50+ roommates either in the dorms or in sorority and fraternity houses.  Although there was much that we reminisced about and missed in a way, something we all agreed upon was the health benefits of living with one or two roommates or by ourselves out of college. An innocent cold common in the fall or winter time or something even worse like H1N1 always roamed the halls of these houses or dormitories and I would typically fall prey to the illness along with a group of my roommates.  Although I didn’t always get sick from these bouts of illness, it was definitely a con from living in a group setting such as that.  Contagious illnesses from their obvious nature of being “contagious” did their best to slow everyone down and spread their wealth evenly.

Photo courtesy of: WebMD

Conjunctivitis or pink eye was one of these college culprits I found myself a victim.  Pink eye is an eye ailment that many Bloomington eye doctors see as a new semester begins at IU along with other Indiana eye doctors.  A post on WebMD shows the unattractive inflammation around the eyes that is caused usually by a virus, bacteria, or irritant/allergy.  What results is redness or pinkness (thus dubbed pink eye), burning sensations in the eye, and discharge. Pink eye was one of the worse ailments to roam the hallways as it is extremely contagious.  Those with it could spread it easily by rubbing their eyes and touching shared items like door handles, light switches, etc, sharing infected eye makeup, and just from physically living close to one another.  The solution?  See an eye doctor immediately to discover if it is indeed pink eye and to get treatment.  Dr. Tavel and his board certified associates can prescribe medicine to fix pink eye and offices are conveniently open many evenings and weekends (just walk in!) to end the spreading of this unattractive eye ailment.

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