Back to School Means Back to the Eye Doctor

August is around the corner and parents, you know what that means… It’s back to school time! While you’re checking things off of the supply list and loading up on fall clothing, make sure to see Dr. Tavel for your child’s annual eye exam. Even if you child hasn’t needed glasses in the past, it is important to check annually as one’s vision changes with growth. The American Optometric Association reports that one in four children have a vision problem that affects their ability to learn. Many of those problems aren’t detected during typical vision screenings performed by schools and pediatricians. Here are some potential signs that your child might have an undetected vision problem:

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1. Has a crossed or lazy eye 2. Tilts the head to one side on a frequent basis, or has one shoulder that is noticeably higher 3. Squints, blinks and/or closes one eye repeatedly 4. Holds the book close while reading 5. Has poor hand-eye coordination 6. Experiences blurry vision 7. Complains of nausea or dizziness and motion sickness 8. Experiences double vision (you may have to ask – “do you see two of these objects?”) 9. Confuses left and right directions on an ongoing basis 10. Loses his or her place when reading or copying from the board or paper 11. Reverses words 12. Uses finger to read 13. Rubs eyes during or after short periods of reading 14. Skips words and/or has to re-read on a regular basis 15. Omits small words 16. Struggles with handwriting 17. Moves head back and forth (instead of moving eyes) 18. Appears clumsy, or frequently bumps into things or drops things 19. Experiences problems catching a ball. 20. Favors the use of one eye when reading or viewing an object 21. Experiences burning or itching eyes, reddened in appearance 22. Has frequent headaches in forehead or templesHas a short attention span and is easily distracted 23. Becomes nervous, irritable, or quickly fatigued while reading, looking at books, or doing close work If you suspect that your son or daughter suffers from one of the aforementioned signs, give your nearest Dr. Tavel location a call and set up an appointment. We have evening and weekend hours that make it convenient for you to be seen by our doctors. You can also make appointments online. List courtesy of

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